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What is a Consultation?

A consultation is the best way for us to identify several important factors.

Are we a good match?

This is probably one of the most important aspects. Relationships are everything. We need to figure out if we can work together. Allow me to tell you a few things about my work style. I enjoy humor (who doesn’t). I don’t always try to be funny, but sometimes it just happens. I hope you’re okay with joking around. I’m a Mainer. Sometimes, my accent comes out. Bear with me. If it does bug you, I’ll try to be more articulate. I value your time; I hope you value mine. I respect that you are running a business and have a life. I aim to take on this project and give it 100% of my effort.

What is the project you have in mind?

You’re interested in video work for a reason. Let’s talk about it! During this section of the consultation, we’ll talk about the problems you’re having. That’s the main point. There’s something wrong. My job is to help find a way to fix it. Even if a video is not the optimal solution, I will get you someone who can help. If video seems compatible and worthwhile, we’ll talk about your audience, the type of video needed, the work needed, and some initial ideas.


I mentioned earlier that I value your time. One of the first things to figure out is your budget. Your budget will determine what we can put into the video. A $1,500 budget will cover fewer options than $5,000. How many days of filming and editing? Can we bring on additional crew? Hire actors or a location? I can work within many budgets. The important thing is to have that discussion early to clarify…


I need to know what you’re looking for. Sometimes, having videos you’ve already watched and like can be helpful. I can watch the video and let you know if the budget will allow for the production quality you’d like. It’s helpful to understand what you are hoping to end up with. When the project is finished, what does the solution look like? More customers? A more engaged audience? Education? Higher sales?

A consultation may last 15 minutes or could last a few hour-long sessions. It depends first on if we seem to get along, second the work you have in mind, and third your budget. If you’d like to set up a consultation for a project you have in mind, please follow this link.

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