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More Behind the Scenes of a Short Film

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

Death Dance will be released on Friday, December 16th. I am very happy with not just the final product, but the entire process of creating this. As I mentioned in the first part, I enjoy creating a visual product out of thin air. Death Dance started as an emotion and a picture in my mind. I put that emotion into words - a script - and eventually filmed and edited it. I am happy with the final product. I know that it could be so much more, but I am glad I did this.

Making a short film is not always quick and it's not easy. From the first moment I thought of this idea, it has taken four full months to produce. I look forward to hearing what folks have to say. And I wonder if they'll pick up on some of the subtleties. If not, they'll be my little secrets.

The next stage is to promote the film. I'm releasing Death Dance on YouTube. I'd like to use Vimeo more, but I'm not ready to pay the subscription yet. I created the poster using Adobe Express. When my partner shares some edited pictures, I'll design a few more options to get people to watch this.

And it's now time to begin planning my next project. I mean, I began brainstorming mid-way through preparing Death Dance, but now it's really time! I'm in the process of planning for a potential movie. Most of that is under wraps for now. I've also returned a wee bit to writing. I certainly need to bring back writing as a habit.

I've thought about a Stephen King-esque thriller series and a romantic comedy set up like a noir film. Every day I spend some time contemplating an idea or two. What I need to do is fill up a binder with all of these ideas like the Duffer Brothers.

And throughout these passion projects, I'm always working with clients. I've recently started work with Junior Achievements - again. But that might be another post. If you know of a non-profit that could benefit from video documentation, share my info.



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