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Short Films

Short Film Sponsorships

Short Film Sponsorships are a way to build brand awareness, feature products used in authentic ways, and support film in Maine. Contact us today if you're interested in supporting one of our up and coming films!

Death Dance

I've blogged a little about Death Dance. This piece was crafted out of a song and how it made me feel. I am proud of this film, although I recognize it has some aspects that could be improved upon. 

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Maineah Show Ep. 01

The Maineah Show originally was planned as a sit com. But I decided to just show Maine people....even if they aren't from here.

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Sandy River Train Raid

In the future, I'd like to focus on making historical films. I am a Civil War reenactor, so I'd love to create some period pieces. 

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Maineah Show Ep. 02

Everyone's Favorite Drink in Maine!

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Swear Inc.

This short was my first collaboration as a Director/DP. I really enjoyed it. Cast and Crew were patient and extremely awesome to work around. 

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The Interrogation

Ruby is an excellent actress. She and I have a good time making shorts.

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