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My First Drone Video Job

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

Based out of Gardiner, Maine, ABL Roofing specializes in all kinds of roofing jobs. Shingles, metal, or any other style is well within their wheelhouse. They also do siding and offer roof shoveling during the Maine wintahs (winter).

I found ABL when I was researching roofing companies for my garage. When I mentioned my work as a videographer to Tom, he perked up. I have done two video projects for ABL Roofing. One focused on a full roof replacement in Woolwich. The second showcased a siding job they produced in Monmouth. Both jobs were done extremely well...on their part and mine. :)

When it came time to film these projects, I used my Mavic Air 2S to capture the roofing and siding jobs. A drone is a must-have when capturing these types of jobs and construction in general. The drone provides beautiful captures from a safe location. I can still get in close for tight shots without endangering property or limb.

I arrived at location for the Woolwich job and met the homeowners. I clearly explained who I was and how long it would take me to accomplish the task (an hour or so). After unpacking my drone, I checked for a clear landing zone, which happened to be the driveway. Since the focus of this job was the roof, most shots highlighted the pitch, roof color, and clean look. As you might tell from the video, this was a major undertaking. The theme: no job too big for ABL Roofing.

The second project I created with ABL was in Monmouth. This consisted of updating siding. Again, the drone was the best tool in my arsenal. I did capture a few shots with my Sony A7Siii, but the majority of shots are drone work. I visited ABL's work site twice. Once, while construction was in progress to capture some mid-work content. The second visit I showed up and met Melissa. As project manager, she guided me on some specific shots she wanted. When she left for another job, I found my landing zone (again, the driveway) and began capturing footage.

I focused on the siding, obviously. However, as with the Woolwich job, I wanted to get some of the scenery as well. These are big houses. I took the drone close to show the detail of the siding. I really wanted to illustrate the joints and angles to make this job stand out.

When I began editing the Monmouth job, I created a few videos. One is a minute long to capture a lot more of the project's scope. I also made a 15 second social media ad to capture attention and keep it. Both videos share a few similar shots. But the key is to shoot a lot of content in order to be able to create multiple products.

ABL Roofing's quality work shows itself. I didn't do much for fancy drone work. Fancy camera work isn't necessary when documenting construction work (unless that's what the client wants). In fact, these were two of my first drone projects. I appreciate ABL working with me and I can't wait for them to do my garage. It's gonna be a studio!

Update September 7, 2022: They did a fantastic job on my garage and all done in less than five hours!

If you're in need of a new roof or replacement, call ABL Roofing.

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