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Sweeping Drone Shots for a Coastal Non-Profit

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

Original Post: June 1, 2022

Shout out to Patrick Burnham for connecting me with Herring Gut. I appreciate it.

Herring Gut is a fantastic non-profit in Port Clyde, Maine. They educate students, teachers, and others about marine science and aquaculture. Tom Mullin is the Executive Director. I’ve had the pleasure of working with both Tom and Patrick in creating content for their new website and rebranding.

Herring Gut was initially called a Learning Center dedicated to teaching students. Following COVID, they decided to expand their audience. Their rebrand allows them to work with educators and other folks. It’s more than a name change, it’s a broadening of their ability to share the importance of Maine’s relationship with the ocean.

My goal was to create content that allows them to announce and share the new concept. The process involved meeting with Tom and learning more about the organization. We met in person and through Zoom to discuss ideas and expectations. We worked together to produce a couple of drone videos and several pictures for social media use. In addition, they’ll also use one of the videos for their website.

Tom, Patrick, and I designed an initial video idea with sweeping views and highlighting the work their staff does. I created a short :30 piece and a 1:30 video that allows longer clips (based on the choice of music). Both Patrick and Tom were easy to work with and extremely helpful in guiding my videos to suit their needs.

The drone work consisted mainly of smooth movements: pans, tilts, reveals, etc. I really enjoyed the shot that starts on the water. The drone flies into the cove and reveals the beautiful area with Herring Gut’s several buildings. I got to explore the Center’s outdoor classroom, greenhouse, and several buildings.

I hope that Herring Gut will work with me in the future to perhaps interview staff and visitors. If you get the chance to visit them, do it. I also recommend following them on Facebook to catch some of their interesting posts. I especially like their “Creature Feature” about various aquatic animals and such.

Thank you, Tom, Patrick, and staff! I wish you a successful venture and look forward to seeing your programs.

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