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iPad Mini for Videographers

Original Post: July 13, 2022

I recently purchased myself an iPad Mini with the Apple Pencil (2nd Gen) to support my storyboarding process and client support. I use four apps primarily on the Mini. I’ll talk about them in a bit. Overall, the iPad Mini has served me well thus far (it’s been about two months). I enjoy its easy-to-handle size. It’s great for meeting notes, quick sketches for video ideas, and researching. Plus with the Notion app, I have a free CRM and video schedule.

I will say its size is both a pro and a con. 90% of the time, I am more than happy with the size. A small percentage of the time, it’d be nice to have the larger iPad or iPad Pro. But, I do think this has been an excellent asset to help show clients what their projects will look like.

Endless Paper

I discovered this magical app on my girlfriend’s iPad (she’s got the Pro for graphic design work). The neat thing about Endless Paper is that there’s…endless paper. The program is excellent for note-taking, sketches, and client notes. You can zoom as far in as you need and scroll for miles. You have access to a pencil, pen, marker, and eraser with all the colors and thickness you need. I love to bookmark certain sections. It’s a fairly basic app, but well worth $10.


Another excellent $10 investment. Procreate has been where I storyboard…and practice my drawing skills. Procreate’s tools are numerous from sketching to painting to…water? The cool part is being able to animate the canvas to create videos for the client. It’s just an awesome pre-production tool.


I’ve only just started using this app. However, I expect to use it a lot with clients in the future to help with delivering scripts. I have a free account right now. It looks like the premium purchase is $17. I’ll use this app and ask clients their opinions.


As I mentioned, Notion has many applications. I discovered it the past few weeks as I look for the best way to manage the status of projects and keep myself on task. Check the YouTube videos out there if you’re looking for a free CRM, scheduler, journal template, and so much more.

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