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Documenting Johnson Hall's Renovations

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

Original Post: June 8, 2022

Johnson Hall is a non-profit entertainment venue. Built in 1864, the building owned by Johnson Hall has gone through several uses. The major one was as a theater. Johnson Hall is currently undergoing construction to bring the theater back to life. There are two projects I’ll be helping with.

The first is a campaign fundraiser to help the non-profit complete the construction process. You can adopt a seat in their new theater for as low as $250. The seat will have a plaque in your name, a loved ones’ name, or your business’ name. I worked with Carrie Arsenault, the Capital Campaign Director to produce this first piece.

I recently bought an iPad mini (article to come) to help me storyboard and share that process better. Using the iPad, I created an animated video with the script we agreed on and music. I sent this to Carrie for her approval as an idea of how the video would look.

Carrie and I met for a half-hour one day when I filmed her saying the script. I snagged some b-roll of the third floor and some external shots. Following her guidance, I provided her with the finished product. Hopefully, the video will help promote the “Adopt a Seat” campaign and get folks to join in.

The second project I will do is to document the construction process. This is a huge undertaking and well worth documenting for future generations. I am excited to help save these memories for others to view. Currently, we are in the early planning stage to identify the key times to film.

UPDATE (August 12, 2022):

Carrie and I, with advice from other Johnson Hall employees and the construction crew, have decided on several key moments of construction to document. These include masonry, steel, elevator installment, and a couple more.

During each stage, I’m visiting Johnson Hall and create tons of B-roll. We’re creating 15-30 second educational pieces, as well as a finale that will be 5 minutes or so. I’m excited to see the progress we have.

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