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Maine State Bicentennial Time Capsule Event

Original Post May 25, 2022

I had the honor of documenting an official state event. Held at the temporary quarters of the State Library, I filmed a ceremony of momentos that will be kept in a time capsule for a hundred years or more.

The State Library and Archives are a great resource. There is something for everyone in their buildings. I anticipate the reopening of the Cultural Building. Yet, this ceremony conducted at their current location on State Street was great.

This project involved capturing the event. I arrived early to get footage of the room and items going into the time capsule. This acted as B-roll for the end video. During the event, I filmed in the back of the room and used a long lens to focus on the speakers, which included former Archivist Dave Cheever, Governor Janet Mills, Senator Diamond, and State Librarian Jamie Ritter. During the event, I was bumped by a news person here and there, so that B-roll came in handy. Otherwise, this video went well. It will be stored at the State Library and provide a resource for generations to come.

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