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The Mavic Air 2S for Video

The Mavic Air 2S is my main drone. I chose it specifically for the price point and battery life (31 minutes), not to mention the 4K 1 inch sensor. While some might focus on the technical aspects, I'd like to look at the visual parts - or performance results. The Air 2S is able to shoot at 5.4k 30fps. I usually stay at 4k 60fps. The drone has served splendidly for shooting establishing scenes and aerial shots for a few short films, as well as in my real estate work.

I've also recently begun capturing nature-specific scenery (rivers, trees, mountains, etc.). I'd like to put together a Thoreau-like library of B-roll. Anything that you could watch that doesn't include contemporary manmade things. I love history and thinking about the personalities of historical figures. I like the idea of seeing a little piece of nature that people long gone might have seen.

In any case, I like that I can shoot 60k and slow it down, speed it up, or keep it the same. I shoot on D-Log and usually color grade with The Film Poet's SkyGrades or manually.

I am wicked impressed with the drone's wind resistance considering it's light weight. I tested it prior to a thunderstorm in Maine. Not once did I lose control. The Air 2S handled beautifully. The following video is straight out of the Mavic's camera.

I hope that these videos help show the capacity of the Mavic Air 2S.

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