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Original post dated January 11, 2022

I wanted to write something ironic on the blog -- vlogging.

I began vlogging around the first week of December. Each Sunday at 7pm I release a new video about my week. That has been my consistency for YouTube lately. Going strong for 6 weeks! The purpose of my vlogging has been mostly selfish: to give myself something to look at in 30-40 years, become more confident in front of the camera, and film every day.

Over the course of 6 weeks, I've varied the style of the vlog. For a few weeks, I narrated along the way or told the audience what I had done. My most recent vlog was following the same path until I sat in my bed and talked to the camera for 8 minutes about my week. I had already edited 90% of the video, but completely re-did it. I'm glad I did. I sent out a 3.5-minute video that succinctly summed up the week.

I am trying to focus on showing rather than telling. I felt that my last video flowed better and loosened the pressure I've been feeling about trying to explain what I'm doing at the moment.

My struggle is being so focused on doing what I'm doing that I forget to film. I am getting better about just grabbing a quick clip or two at the beginning and the end if I don't feel like filming. That's easy to do. And if I feel inclined, I can capture more in between.

My goal is to create a vlog every week for one year (this did not happen). So far I'm 6/52. I'm excited to see how I improve my workflow and what I capture. I've mainly only captured the highlights of a day or things that stick out. However, during the winter I think I'll be less busy with video work. Should I talk about that? Should I talk about the process of making a video?

Although the primary reasons to vlog are somewhat selfish, I do hope a few people enjoy watching them. I'm not trying to be a Peter Lindgren (although he's one of the folks who inspired me) or a Teppo Haapoj (but travel vlogging would be awesome). My vlogs are fairly low-key for now. But as I become more comfortable and more aware of moments I should capture, I expect my vlog to increase in quality.

What would you want to see in the vlog of a Maine videographer?

Update September 7, 2022: I discontinued my vlogging experience as things felt fairly consistent. Not much changed in my first winter as a videographer. However, I have been contemplating starting this project again as my life is a little more varied between personal projects and client work.

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